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Introduction to Satellite Communications

Understanding the need for communication – development & history of communication, Wired & Wireless communications, Satellite communication & services, Satellite Communication Applications

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Satellite Orbits & Dynamics

Satellite Orbit & types of orbits, Kepler’s Laws, Fundamentals of Ellipses, Orbital Parameters, Properties of Geostationary orbits, Communication with Geosynchronous satellites, Geosynchronous Orbit Perturbations, Station keeping, Orbital Effects

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Launch Vehicles & Launching Technologies

Types of Launch vehicles, Working of a Launch Vehicle, Launch Vehicle Configuration, Types of Fuels, Navigation, Launch Base, Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Procedure, Launch Vehicles of Note

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Satellite Systems

Satellite Functional Areas, Bus Systems, Communication Payload, Structural Systems, Mechanisms, Thermal Systems, Propulsion Systems, Tele-command, Telemetry & Communication Systems, TTC Subsystems, Power Systems, Attitude & Orbit Control systems, Control Electronics, Communication Systems, Life of a Satellite, Cost of a Satellite

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Satellite Communication Frequencies and Regulations

Selecting Operating Frequencies, Noise & Propagation, Frequency Bands, ITU & Telecommunication Satellite, Frequency Allocation

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Noise & Distortion

Introduction to Noise & Distortion, Transmission Encoding & Decoding, Atmospheric Noise, Atmospheric Attenuation, Sky Noise, Receiving System Noise, Noise Figure, Measurement of Noise Figure, Antenna Noise Temperature, G/T, Measuring G/T

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Propagation Effects on Satellite Links

Understanding propagation effects, Radio Wave propagation, Radio Wave Frequency & Space Communication, Mechanisms effecting signal propagation, Propagation Factors in Space Communication, Propagation Effects

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Modulation & Coding in Satellite Communication

Introduction to signals, Modulation, Nyquest Sampling Theorem, Quantizing, Quantizing Law, Multiplexing, Shannon’s Limit, Digital Modulation, Channel Coding, Modern FEC Schemes, Phase Noise

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Non-linear Distortions

Imperfections affecting communications channel, Imperfections in transmission equipment, Imperfections in receiving equipment, Imperfections in Antenna systems, Passive Intermodulation, Adjacent Satellite Interference

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VSAT Networks & Multiple Access Techniques

Introduction to Satellite Capacity Utilization, Broadcasting, Interactive two-way applications, Point-to-Point, Point to Multi-point, Definitions in Satellite Networking, Network Topology, Introduction to Satellite Networks, Protocol Layers for Satcom Networks, Satellite Capacity Access Protocols, Satellite Network Access Protocols, VSAT Protocol Implementation

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Antennas in Satellite Communications

Role of Antennas, Ground Station Antennas, Types of Antennas, Offset Antennas, Offset Antenna Beam Squint, Antenna Gain, Antenna Gain and Patterns, Antenna Parameters, Beam width & frequencies

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Uplink Systems Design

Basic Uplink Design Consideration, Block & Level Diagrams, Detailed Level Analysis, Managing Distortion, Small Signal Gain, Uplink Chain Components, Choosing an Amplifier, RF Converter Specifications, LDA Specifications, TX/RX Isolation, IFL Considerations, Redundancy Switching Considerations, Propagation Path Diversity Gain, Case History, Redundancy with Diversity Systems, UPS / Generator Considerations

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Downlink Systems Design

Ground Station Site Considerations, System Design Considerations, Block Level Diagrams, Detailed Level Analysis, Intermod Distortion in Active Elements, Low Level Signals in High NF Devices, IFL Designs & Group Delay, Typical Earth Station Example, Example of Group Delay in an IFL, Cable Properties, Cable Loss v/s Temperature, VSWR & Amplitude Ripple, Cable Isolation, Specifying Down Link Chain Components

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